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BachelorMusic and movement

Degree awarded

Bachelor of Arts HES⁠-⁠SO en Musique et mouvement (Music and Movement)


The music and movement study stream invites students from around the world to turn music into a living language through an interactive and multidisciplinary approach, with a focus on the ties between music-movement and improvisation.

The programme comes out of the Jaques-Dalcroze Institute, an international centre for musical and artistic education. It is taught in more than 40 centres located around the world.

It is a full-time programme that requires students’ full commitment to taking a versatile approach to musical, practical and theoretical, corporeal and reflexive activities. Students must have a strong taste for movement, creativity and communications. They engage in practical education from the first year.

Course organisation and fees

ECTS Credits
3 years
Registration fees
CHF 150
CHF 500 per semester (tuition fees)
A contribution to course fees may be charged. This varies depending on the school. Please enquire with the relevant admissions department.
The programme starts in week 38


Professional prospects

The Bachelor of Arts in Music and Movement qualifies graduates to teach rhythmic expression at the mandatory school level (preschool, kindergarten and primary school).

Professional prospects are within fields of music education: kindergarten and primary school, music schools and conservatories, therapy, and performing arts such as dance, theatre, singing, etc.


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Pour tous renseignements complémentaires sur les conditions d'admission et les inscriptions, merci de vous adresser à la haute école où vous souhaitez étudier.

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