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Degree awarded

Bachelor of Arts HES⁠-⁠SO en Musique (Music)


The HES programme in music requires a high level of commitment from students. Its full value is only reached for people pursuing their education to the Master’s level.

The first three years, culminating in the Bachelor’s degree, constitute a common, general programme that is nonetheless oriented to a disciplinary focus:

  • An instrument or voice (available at all sites)
  • Composition (HEM-Genève)
  • Music at school (HEMU, HEM-Genève)
  • Music and musicology (HEM-Genève, in collaboration with the University of Geneva)

The study of the main discipline is complemented by practical training (ensemble, improvisation, corporeal training) and study of music culture in general.

In the 3rd year, three pre-specialisations for the Master’s programme are possible: pedagogy (music teaching, music at school), interpretation (instrument, singing, direction) or complosition/theory.

Being exposed to the audience , practice and contact with the artistic community are an integral part of music education.


Complementary to the classical profile, available at all sites, two specific profiles are available:

  • Jazz and contemporary music, within the department of that name at the University of Music Lausanne.
  • Ancient music, within the department of that name at Geneva University of Music

Course organisation and fees

ECTS Credits
3 years
Registration fees
CHF 150
CHF 500 per semester (tuition fees)
A contribution to course fees may be charged. This varies depending on the school. Please enquire with the relevant admissions department.
The Bachelor programme starts in week 38


Professional prospects

The Bachelor in Music programme is not designed to lead directly into professional practice but rather to open access to the Master’s programme, which puts the focus towards professional integration.

This Bachelor also enables access to other education where music practice does not play a principle role but rather constitutes a basic skill (for example, a Master’s in Cultural Management).

Finally, it also enables access to professions where music does not play a prinicple role (radio professional, musical journalism, etc.)





Pour tous renseignements complémentaires sur les conditions d'admission et les inscriptions, merci de vous adresser à la haute école où vous souhaitez étudier.

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