4th International Congress of the Swiss Social Work Society (SSTS)12 - 13.9.2018, Lausanne

Axis 2: Conceptualising social work in terms of the life course

The second axis is focused on the life courses of the target populations of social work. These life courses are the result of a complex set of more or less formal norms, procedures and rules and are framed by administrative and institutional processes. Within this context, age is prominent as a naturalised classification criterion (among others, such as gender). Papers that will be included in this second axis will concentrate on the following questions:

  • How do the life courses of social work clients unfold since these are now asked to assume personal responsibility, become active and invent or reinvent themselves in a shorter and shorter timeframe?
  • How do social workers intervene using routinized processes, when life courses have become more uncertain and de-standardised and when statuses have become increasingly fragile and are subject to change?
  • How do social workers adjust – or fail to adjust – to critical events, biographical transitions or bifurcations?
  • How does the concept of the life course translate into the practice of social work and its professional development?
  • Does it take into account social relations in terms of age, gender, ethnic origin and social class?
  • What are the challenges for social work education and research when drawing on the individual and social policy dimensions of the life course approach?


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