4th International Congress of the Swiss Social Work Society (SSTS)12 - 13.9.2018, Lausanne

Axis 1: Acceleration and social policies

Social acceleration has consequences on the political functioning of liberal Western democracies as well as on their modes and modalities for decision making and policy implementation which tend to replace legislation with less rigid procedural directives. Such processes also impact on social policies.

Papers that pertain to this first axis will focus on questioning and conceptualising the transformations of social policies within the context of contemporary capitalism. They will deal with the following issues:

  • How should these transformations be analysed with regard to social and technological acceleration?
  • To what extent do they result in changes in the social representations and practices of social work?
  • How should we think of the timeframe in which social intervention takes place?
  • Which interventions or social innovations support social and technological acceleration?
  • In what ways does acceleration impact on the modes of management, governance, bureaucracy and the demands placed on social policies in terms of efficacy and efficiency?
  • How, and in what spheres does the financial onus of social policies shift between the public and the private sector as well as between the state, the philanthropic sector and the family?


HES-SO - Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale
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