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The School of Engineering of the HES⁠-⁠SO Valais-Wallis offers a training programme which aims to broaden and deepen the students’ understanding of the exciting field of biosciences, at the interface between biology and chemistry. It features a well-balanced combination of lectures and laboratory applications.

Through a transversal approach, the proposed formation provides the skills necessary to manage and to work on complex and multi-disciplinary Biotech, Medtech or Pharma projects in their entirety.

Students are thus trained to develop a broad vision of industrial projects: from market research to the regulatory aspects through technical developments.

External lecturers from industry are invited on a regular basis to present and discuss various practical topics from an expert point of view.


The Applied Biosciences major covers the following subjects:

  • Step into the booming domain of sustainable biotechnology and explore the strategies and technologies that are paving the way to an oil-free, cleaner and more ethical future.
  • Develop novel analytical tools for the diagnostic industry. Discover advanced ways of running processes using the most recent developments in Process Analytical Technologies (PAT).
  • Gain a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry process from the discovery to the manufacturing of drugs.
  • Acquire knowledge into the rapidly developing field of genome analysis and understand how gene functions and dysfunctions are related to diseases.
  • Discuss real-world cases of Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs and get expertise in these crucial fields for industry.

Also worth reminding here, the Master Thesis accounts for 40 credits out of 90 and can be chosen among a large variety of topics. It thus represents a fantastic opportunity for the candidates to fully express their scientific potential and project management skills.

Specialization modules

The Applied Biosciences major provides five specialization modules taught at the HES⁠-⁠SO Valais in Sion:

Module Name (PDF)
ECTS Semester
S08 - Genomics and genome analysis - (PDF)
S10 - Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs - (PDF) 4 Spring
S11 - Sustainable Biotechnology - (PDF) 4 Autumn
S23 - Pharmaceutical Sciences Technologies - (PDF)
4 Spring
S24 - Bioanalytics and Diagnostics - (PDF) 4 Spring

The specialization of Applied Bioscience is a member of the cluster “BioPharma” of the MSLS cooperation, this cluster offers six cluster-specific modules. Out of the six cluster-specific modules, at least three have to be completed.

Cluster-specific Modules "BioPharma" ECTS Location


BP1 - Compound Profiling in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery


BP2 - Drug Formulation and Delivery for Solid Dosage Forms
3 Olten


BP3 - Design of Biopharmaceutical Production Facilities

Autumn, block week

BP4 - Regulatory Affairs (part of S10)   
3 Sion

Autumn, block week

BP5 - Physiology and Immunotherapies
3 Bern


BP6 - Tissue Engineering for Drug Discovery
3 Bern


The module descriptions of the cluster-specific modules “BioPharma” are available on

 Simon Crelier

Dr Simon Crelier

Lecturer for chemistry and biotechnology since 2002
Competences in biofuel cells, enzyme catalysis, and functional polymers

 Fabian Fisher

Dr Fabian Fischer

Lecturer for chemistry and biotechnology since 2002
Competences in biofuel cells, enzyme catalysis, and functional polymers

 Urban Frey

Dr Urban Frey

Head of BSc Life Technologies
Competences in analytical chemistry, hyphenated mass spectrometry techniques, trace contaminants

 Alain-François Grogg

Dr Alain-François Grogg

Lecturer for engineering in physical chemistry, and phytoanalytic since 1995
Competences in pharmacognosie, phytoanalysis, and bioactive natural products

Gerrit Hagens. Photo :

Dr. Gerrit Hagens

Lecturer for cell biology and bioengineering using mammalian cells since 2017. Competences include mammalian cell line and manufacturing process development for originators and biosimilars, monoclonal antibody- and cell-based therapies.

 Franka Kalman

Dr Franka Kalman

Lecturer for Analytical Chemistry since 2010
Competences in analytical chemistry of organic, inorganic and bio-molecules (LC, CE, MS, sample preparation, method validation, In Process Control, Release, Process Mapping)

 Origène Nyanguile

Dr Origène Nyanguile

Lecturer for General and Bio-organic Chemistry since 2010
Competences in antiviral drug discovery, virology, infectious diseases and peptide therapeutics

 Marc Pfeiffer

Dr Marc Pfeiffer

Lecturer for Bio-analytical Sciences since 2009
Competences in Molecular Diagnostics and Immunodiagnostics to include assay automation & miniaturization solutions for the medical in-vitro diagnostics (IVD)

 Umberto Piantini

Dr Umberto Piantini

Lecturer for organic and structure elucidation since 1990
Competences in authentification of foods & elemental analysis and in methods validation according
to ISO 17025

 Sergio Schmid

Dr Sergio Schmid

Lecturer for molecular biology since 1993
Competences in the development of microbial recombinant protein and peptide production and in the development and validation of qPCR methods (ISO17025 accredited laboratory) for the detection of micro-organisms and for the analysis of gene expression

 Bruno Schnyder

Dr Bruno Schnyder

Lecturer for Cell biology and Microbiology since 2008
Competences in Immunology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiocidal and Bioactivity testing Research

 Jean-Manuel Segura

Dr Jean-Manuel Segura

Lecturer for chemistry since 2008
Competences in biophysics and bioanalytics, in particular in the development of novel analytical devices and fluorescence technologies

 Mannfred Zinn

Dr Mannfred Zinn

Lecturer for Bioprocess Engineering since 2011
Competences in Bioprocess Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, and Biomaterials

Graduate List


Duc Samantha Development of an hybrid perfusion/fed-batch process


Fabre Christophe Jacques New Methodologies for Efficient Cyclodepsipeptides Synthesis
Fusco Jonathan From a liquid biopsy to a biomarker
Gonzalez Adolfo Poly([R]-hydroxyalkanoates) as drug delivry system
Künzi Markus Biosynthesis and purification of poly (-L-malic acid)
Mayor Mathieu Development of an Immunoassay for the Simultaneous Detection of HBsAG and anti-HBc Antibodies and Integration into a Multi-Target Multiplex Format
Moos Charlotte In-process formation of glucans in wheat flour containing products using novel starch modifying glucanotranserases
Rebeaud Mathieu From infectious diseases to a proteomics biomarker
Stephan Fabio Depth sheet filtration of Endotoxin
Tindom Serge Brice Depth sheet filtration of Endotoxin


Martin Jessica Biosynthesis of (R)-3-hydroxyalkanoates using fed-batch cultivation
Petruzzi Loric Characterization of Tacrolimus-binding Molecules for use in Fluorescence (polarization) based Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Assays at Point-of-Care


Delasoie Joachim The influence of yeast on the precursors and aroma of Petite Arvine wine
Walder Christophe Synthèse d’un surfactant Ni-NTA modifié pour l’isolation thermosensible de protéines His-tag


de Lattre Anissa Characterization of the extract at the base of the product Cutiflog
Grund Baptiste Novel Switch-Drug Derivatives: Synthesis & Assays
Michel Nicolas Metabolic Characterization of Six Varieties of Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum L.)


Cosandey Vincent Peptide multiplex microarray development, for serology assays, for ovarian and breast cancer detection based on BARD1 protein
Jesus Simoes Sergio Recombinant production of disulfide bond containing peptides


Balmer Delphine Stable 661W cells expressing the tandem fluorescent tagged LC3 to study low glucose induced autophagy
Chenevard Jean Integrated bioethanol-biodiesel-microbial fuel cell refining
Shrestha Dina Technological approaches to refolding of industrial proteins


Denis Jean-Martin Characerization of anacarid acids isolated from cashew nut shells


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