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Admissions requirements for the Master’s degree programmes

Admission to the Master’s degree programmes is restricted to holders of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

More detailed information can be found in the admissions criteria for the Master’s programme.

Conditions for transferring between the various Swiss universities or applied universities and the bridging options available for this are covered by a Memorandum of Understanding Convention de la CRUS, de la KFH et de la COHEP and its Appendix.

The Universities of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland have also signed an agreement on the conditions for transferring and bridging between the universities: Protocole d’accord entre la CUSO et la HES⁠-⁠SO – CUSO internet site (under D).

For students who have completed all or part of a cycle in a French university that a signatory to the agreement, the provisions of the Franco-Swiss Framework Agreement on the recognition of diplomas apply.

Student numbers in certain programmes are limited. This applies to all candidates in the programmes concerned, regardless of the route through which they applied to the programme. List of programmes with limited student numbers.

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