Tous les projets FP7

Participations de la HES-SO aux projets FP7


Projets coordonnés par la HES-SO Haute école référente

Corrosion protection with perfect Atomic Layers - CORRAL hepia

Knowledge Helper for Medical and Other Information users - KHRESMOI HES-SO Valais Wallis

PARYLENE based artificial smart LENSes fabricated using a novel solid-on-liquid deposition process - PARYLENS

HE-Arc Ingénierie

Projets avec participation de la HES-SO Haute école référente

Biometrics Evaluation and Testing – BEAT HEG-GE

Operation of a Novel Sofc-battery Integrated hybrid for Telecommunication Energy systems – ONSITE HEIG-VD

Model-Driven European Paediatric Digital Repository – MD PAEDIGREE HES-SO

VISual Concept Extraction challenge in RAdioLogy – VISCERAL HES-SO

Social Innovation – Empowering the Young for the Common Good – SOCIETY HES-SO

Coordinated approacH to the EurOpean effoRt on aUdio-visual Search engines - CHORUS+ HES-SO

Traditional Food Network to improve the transfer of knowledge for innovation – TrafooN HES-SO

HYdropower plants PERformance and flexiBle Operation towards Lean integration of new renewable Energies – HYPERBOLE HES-SO

COtinuous Multi-parametric and Multi-layered analysis Of Diabetes Type 1 & 2 - COMMODITY 12 HES-SO

Detecting and eliminating bacteria using information technologies - DEBUGIT HEG-GE

Education as Welfare - Enhancing opportunities for socially vulnerable youth in Europe - EDUWEL EESP

  Holistic energy-efficient retrofitting of residual buildings - HERB 


Health systems and long-term care for older people in Europe modelling the interfaces and links between prevention, rehabilitation, quality of services and informal care - INTERLINKS EESP

Universal Integration of the Internet of Things through an IPv6-based Service Oriented Architecture enabling heterogeneous components interoperability - IOT6


Airfoil-based solution for vessel on-board energy production destined to traction and auxiliary services - KITVES

HE-Arc Ingénierie

Nanotechnology based cochlear implant with gapless interface to auditory neurons - NANOCI HE-Arc Ingénierie

Network for EXchange and PRototype Evaluation of photonicS componentS and Optical systems - NEXPRESSO

HE-Arc Ingénierie

Organic waste management by a small-scale Innovative automated system of anaerobic digestION - ORION HEIG-VD

Multi-Electrode Array technology based platform for industrial pharmacology and toxicology drug screening - PHARMEA hepia / HEIG-VD

Participative Research labOratory for Multimedia and Multilingual Information Systems Evaluation - PROMISE HES-SO

Personalised Guidance Services for Optimising lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement – Pegaso EIA-FR

Strategies for the Improvement of Critical infrastructure Resilience to
Electromagnetic Attacks - STRUCTURES

Scalable Energy Management Infrastructure for Aggregation of Households – SEMIAH HES-SO

Biopolymers from syngas fermentation - SYNPOL HES-SO

Transmissions in aircraft on unique path wires - TAUPE HEIG-VD

In-vivo ultrasonic transponder system for biomedical applications - ULTRASPONDER HEIG-VD

Warehousing images in the digital hospital: interpretation, infrastructure, and integration - WIDTH HES-SO

Making capabilities work - WORKABLE EESP


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