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Point-of-care (POC) in-vitro diagnostic assays should measure biomarkers or small molecules in the blood quantitatively and not only qualitatively. However, today’s assays poorly meet this demand due to the multiple preparation steps required: blood filtering, mixing of reagents, etc. Moreover, they are limited to single-point measurements.

This project aims at synthetizing and exploring a novel type of molecular biosensors that could trigger a paradigm shift in POC diagnostics. These supramolecular biosensors are designed to undergo a conformational change in presence of a specific biomarker, which results in the modulation of an optical signal. This enables the quantification of biomarkers in body fluids without the requirement for sample preparation, which greatly simplify the assays. Furthermore, these supramolecular biosensors offer the possibility of continuously monitoring biomarkers or small molecules in the blood. The concept was demonstrated by synthetizing a functional supramolecular biosensor for the anti-cancer drug methotrexate. 


Dr. Jean-Manuel Segura

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