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Ingenieurwesen und ArchitekturSA-MicrogridDC

The objective of this project is to implement a semiautonomous microgrid, where all components (producers, consumers and local storage) are linked via a DC-bus power link at 700 V. Such a microgrid unifies many technical advantages:

  1. 1. local smoothening of the produced PV-power; 
  2. 2. Precisely predictable and controlled power profile at the interface to the three phase AC distribution grid. 
  3. 3. Reduced converter losses for the linked consumers. 
  4. 4. Improved performance of the PV-power station due to individually optimized photovoltaic panels; 
  5. 5. Easy integration of power-2-gas. 

The demonstrator serves as test bed for the innovative technology and as marketing tool to exhibit the system and attract potential investors for future commercialization. The realization requires an energy management which takes into account meteorological and consumption forecasting (HEIA-Fr). In addition, for integration of larger quantities of PV-modules a serial DC/DC converter needs to be developed, tested and implemented (HEIG-Vd). In order to guarantee a high reliability of the entire power system several issues in the data transfer, regulation, as well as perturbations on the power line common and differential mode need to be addressed. 


Christoph Ellert

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