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This project is focused on the development of a functional flow sensor demonstrator which allows for the wireless measurement of the cerebrospinal fluid in case of hydrocephalus. This project is ongoing development and a follow-up of the P1 DB research project MuchSens, where the thin-film sensor concept was approved.

Regarding the demanded application of the company Codman, will the sensor optimization in terms of energy consumption, size and measurement ranges.

The novel device will be based on an ultra-flexible printed circuit board (PCB) composed of Parylene or hermetic SiOx/Parylene multilayers. The electronics of the device will be assembled onto these flexible substrates. This gives the possibility to fabricate smaller devices using conventional electronic components. In addition the device can be shaped in a three-dimensional way around the catheter to take as less space as possible.The communication and the energy transfer will be done by an external reader using passive telemetry.

In this project, the communication electronic and its reader unit has to be developed. The reader unit could be realized by a conventional mobile phone with near field communication (NFC). 

The communication software will be developed first on a PC and a second generation is planned using a mobile application. The RF platform will be developed in a polyvalent way in order to reuse it for other biomedical sensor applications. 

The last part of the project is devoted to the integration of the electronics into the catheter system. The electronics will therefore be over-molded by silicone in order to create a tight micro-fluidic system. Finally, this development will lead to a functional demonstrator for medical flow diagnostics.


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