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In our industrial countries degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancers or diseases associated to the metabolic syndrome are increasing considerably.

It has been pointed out that the nutrition is often one of the responsible key factors. Nowadays, the consumer seems to be more and more critical about the quality of the food products he is consuming. Especially consumer’s attitude toward functional foods is quite sceptical.

They have a relatively negative perception toward health and nutrition claims often associated to marketing or non-natural food. In such a context, the aim of this project was to develop production process for both natural and safe functional ingredients and related finished functional products (beverage and extruded products).

The study focus on the valorisation of one of the recent superfruits, goji berries (Lycium barbarum).

These fruits are newly cultivated in canton Valais since 2011 from Agroscope Changins Wädenswil in Conthey. This project will also help to select promising varieties for several final food applications.


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