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The goal of the PrePack project is to develop an innovative system to control continuously the overpressure in the headspace of a bottle.

The project is structured mainly in 2 work packages:

Determination of the impact of the oxygen on the sulphites in the wine. Micro-organisms proliferation study to generate an overpressure

Due to a huge quantity of kind of wines and microorganisms, some models for both are used to simulate the fermentations inside the bottles. In this case, different parameters for the tests (pH, content in ethanol, SO2, sugar), several microorganisms (yeasts, lactic bacteria) and at different temperatures of storage are defined.

Development of one prototype to control continuously the overpressure in the headspace of wine bottle closed with an aluminium screw cap and tightness liner

Real-time and continuously control are not the standard methods of measurement for the overpressure in wine bottles. The most used equipment for the determination of the pressure in wine bottle is the aphrometer, a destructive device that supplies a single value of pressure.

The development of our prototype requires the definition of the electronical circuits, the selection of the components, the conception of mechanical parts for the different modules of the prototype such as the measuring-, the emitting-, the transmitting- and the acquisition modules and the development of the communication system for the treatment of the data. 

The prototype is firstly validated by testing it with dry ice to generate the overpressure and secondly by performing a real condition test directly in production line.

The prototype will be a low cumbersome and a low energy consumption system, allow to keep the integrity of the packaging, measure the pressure continuously and in real-time. 




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