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Open science in practice 2017

This course will explain where open science comes from and will give an overview of latest tools researchers can use to be more efficient, more visible and more relevant in their community.

The summer school is aimed at early career researchers who are interested in learning more about what academic research will look like in the future. The core idea behind this summer school is to propose a pragmatic approach to Open Science that addresses what early career researchers care about:

Having access to the necessary training, tools and information sources to conduct their research in an optimal way.

  • Increasing the quality and visibility of their contributions to science.
  • Learning best practices in the field of publication, data life cycle management, and software publishing.
  • Getting credit for their work, enabling collaborations, and increasing reuse and impact.

Important Dates
4 August - Registration closes
8 August - Participants are confirmed, course fee is expected to be paid within 30 days
8 September - First essay due date
25-29 September - Summer School
13 October - Second essay due date

Course fee
CHF 150.- per participant (to be paid within 30 days after being accepted to the course)
The fee covers: course material, lectures and workshops, lunch and coffee breaks, course dinner on Thursday night

Course credits
Doctoral students can obtain 2 ECTS for completing this Summer School. Please check the details under the link below.


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