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The goal of this project is to develop the IoT networking infrastructure for crowd monitoring. It thus constitutes one of the essential building blocks in the iNUIT architecture. The project is structured into three distinct work packages.

IoT network components 

An IoT network comprises objects such as sensors and actuators, which communicate through a networking infrastructure, typically by wireless transmission, with a central cloud infrastructure. The goal of this work package is to design and develop the network components for low-cost, low-power, multimodal communication. 

This includes in particular:

  • wireless communication modules using IEEE 802.15.4,
  • the required communication protocols based on 6LoWPAN,
  • the essential elements for routing in wireless mesh networks.

System for passive mobile phone monitoring

Mobile phones are nowadays ubiquitous. While the iNUIT project SmartCrowd takes an active approach which requires users to install an application on their smartphones, NetCrowd uses passive monitoring of wireless transmissions for crowd monitoring. In particular, it analyses WiFi transmissions as well as GSM/3G/4G transmission of mobile phones in order to obtain summary statistics such as crowd density within a zone or traffic intensities to and from a large event. 

Security and reliability in the IoT networking infrastructure

Security of the networking infrastructure in IoT is critical due to the nature of the transported data and the requirement for authentication and trust between the network elements. The goal of this work package is to analyse the security requirements of the networking infrastructure and to devise appropriate methods for security, authentication and trust.  


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