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Medication Management for Elderly at Home: an overarching priority - ME@home

HEDS-VS, Henk Verloo et Filipa Pereira, 01.02.2019 - 31.01.2022
FNS PNR 74 : Système de Santé


Medication management; Retrospective quantitative analysis ; Multidimensional; Multi-stakeholder approach; Prospective qualitative analysis; Polymedication; Resident Assessement Instrument; Multiple chronic conditions; Home dwelling older adults; Frailty; Patient centred research; Medication related problems 


Optimal medication management is a basic condition to enable polymedicated, home-dwelling older adults, with multiple chronic conditions, to remain at home and preserve their quality of life. A multi-stakeholder approach including older adults, health professionals, informal caregivers and primary health-care institutions is essential to ensure the best possible medication therapy management and prevent medication related problems. The reasons for high numbers of emergency department visits and significant rates of hospitalisation due to medication-related problems have been poorly explored.
Through a mixed methods research, this project provides an overview of the current state of medication management for polymedicated, home-dwelling older adults with multiple chronic conditions, the roles of the different actors involved and coordination activities between them. Finally, this project proposes patient-centered approaches for optimising medication management and preventing medication-related problems.


Problèmes médico-sociaux des personne âgées, Santé  

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