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Security is an essential element for wide adoption of IoT and its applications. Currently, security for IoT is fragmented, lacking a more general and systematic approach. The main goal of this project is to provide security to the different levels of the iNUIT platform. Through the application scenario of crowd monitoring, we analyse the requirements with respect to security, privacy and trust. A particular focus lies on privacy and its legal aspects. As an example, current legislation requires measurements obtained by monitoring mobile phones transmissions to be anonymized and handled responsibly.

This project aims at building a global architecture which is secure and reliable. This requires the definition of a security policy governing the handling of data during their entire life cycle (collection, transmission, storage, access control, analysis, exploitation, etc). It also implies the need to define and deploy the methods to secure the sensors, the network and cloud infrastructure, and to provide access control to the applications and their data.

IoTSec works in close collaboration with the iNUIT projects ArchSensor, NetCrowd, CITaTiON, SmartCrowd et CrowdVision to ensure coherence between the security aspects at each layer.


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