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To strengthen and modernize most relevant parts of the Agro-Food Chain, a program has been developed whose outcomes will improve and optimize:

  • Track and trace of food components of nutritionally beneficial compounds (vitamins, minerals, plant bioactive) and contaminants (toxins, heavy metals, pathogens) from primary production to distribution.
  • Innovations in production, transformation and packaging of food, process control and equipment design.
  • The main goals of the thematic program HealthFood are to develop and offer technical and analytical solutions, as well as quality control and hygienic concepts to industrial partners. This enables the scientific research teams of HES⁠-⁠SO to increase their specific know-how and to foster the national and international competitiveness in the agro-food domain. It will also improve the visibility of the HES⁠-⁠SO institutes via active participation at congress and scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

    Within this program, preference will be given to projects which fit well into the objectives and which:

    • have favourable and measurable economic, environmental or quality impacts
    • are market oriented
    • minimize processing of foodstuffs and reduce inputs during production and processing and increase traceability
    • improve sustainability issues along the whole food supply chain (green and sustainable production, processing, packaging and distribution)
    • are applicable to several agro-food chains and/or to most relevant processes and are interdisciplinary
    • have the potential to create collaboration with national and international research groups
    • have the potential to raise new external funding
    • have the potential to unite a large number of researchers of the agro-food domain
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