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The objective of this project is to develop a low voltage direct current (LVDC) bus for the electrical energy distribution within a Microgrid.

The full scale platform includes energy producers, consumers, and storage it will help us to compare DC technology vs traditional AC distribution in terms of efficiency, grid controllability and costs. A 11kW peak photovoltaic installation feeds directly the LVDC Bus through high efficiency DC/DCs converters.

Each solar panel is connected to the bus via its own converter allowing the maximum power to be extracted individually. Different solar panels technology e.g. polycrystalline and thin film can be compared and evaluated through a self-designed monitoring and communication system. A three phase inverter connected to the common LVAC distribution grid stabilizes the 700VDC Bus and carries out the extra power generated by the PV installation within the Microgrid.

The single interface between several energy producers and consumers within a building reduces the impact in terms of power quality and EMC to the LVAC grid. Battery storage systems using bidirectional DC/DC converters allow the global supervisor to control the total energy flow through the Microgrid. Each conversion unit in the Microgrid DC is monitored through the communication system. The outcome of the project is a demonstration platform ready for the development of optimal energy management algorithms and for the evaluation of new forms of energy storage in their application.


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