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CNHW COM meeting19.11.2020 - 20.11.2020

2ND INTERNATIONAL CNHW CONFERENCE - Effective measures to keep our treasures, how to care for health professionals and family caregivers.
Event Ort
Institut et Haute École de la Santé La Source site de Beaulieu
Av. des Bergières 14
1004 Lausanne

On the 19th and 20th of November, 2020, the Competence Network Health Workforce (CNHW) of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences in Health, will host its 2nd International Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Staff shortage is one of the biggest challenges healthcare systems worldwide must face. The true treasures of the healthcare system – healthcare professionals as well as family caregivers, are essential to maintain high patient safety and quality in healthcare! Therefore, solutions to promote health workforce retention, including sustainable working conditions and effective support for the family caregivers, are urgently needed.

At the conference, clinically relevant, practice-oriented and interprofessional scientific findings on the topic, will be the focus of discussion.

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