Advanced Inkjet Technology Conference 2024

Ingénierie et Architecture Montag 29 Januar 2024

Many inkjet applications have been tried, with some successes and many failures. As inkjet technology expands toward further horizons, new challenges—as well as opportunities—arise. Advancing inkjet technology is essential to furthering the expansion of inkjet applications, vital to both economic and environmental sustainability.

This one-of-a-kind international event focusing on the latest developments brings together industrial R&D specialists, academic researchers, equipment and material suppliers, and end users for focused discussions on the present and future of inkjet technology.

Thanks to their worldwide industrial and academic networks, the iPrint institute of the HES-SO and IS&T are perfectly positioned to serve as a catalyzer for creating a community around this topic and transforming this conference into an international “must be” event. The success of the IS&T 2022 Advances in Printing Technology session “Innovative Technology for Digital Printing,” held at iPrint in October 2022, combined with IS&T’s nearly 40-year history of creating a place for the printing community to meet and gain access to the latest printing technology developments, have paved the way for this new endeavor.

29.01 - 31.01

HEIA-FR, Fribourg